GIDS events

These events are for young people and/or parents who have already attended their first session with GIDS. If you are on our waiting list, have not had your first session, but still wish to attend, please get in touch and we'll see if there is space at the specific event.

Our groups and events

We hold regular groups at the both for young people (aged 12+) and for parents at different points throughout the year.

The groups are usually scheduled to coincide with the main school holidays. The groups aim to provide a place to meet others with similar experiences, to share stories, and to support each other. Find out more about our groups in London and our groups in Leeds - including when and where they are happening.

We also hold several Family Days around the country: in both Leeds and London as well as in Exeter. The Family Days usually take place during the summer holidays. These days allow young people and their families to meet each other in a relaxed and friendly environment and to hear about other people's experiences of gender. There are talks from people who identify in different genders, as well as group sessions for parents/carers, teenagers, younger children, and siblings.

Last, but by no means least, our Soup Group (also known as the Stakeholders Group) is a fun and active group made up of young people who attend GIDS working with the staff to improve the experiences of those who use our service.

The Soup Group meets at least three times a year, usually during the half-term holidays, at the Tavistock Centre in London. Read more about the Soup Group (including where that name came from) to discover what it is all about and to see some of the things the group has done in the past. If you are interested in joining the Soup Group, please contact us.