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Issues around gender provoke a lot of debate in the news media and online – many different people and groups have different views on almost every aspect of this topic. In our work at the Gender Identity Development Service, we seek to engage with a range of different views about gender and gender identity.

Below we have gathered some writing from people outside GIDS to give you a view of the wide range of opinions and how different people try to understand gender, as well as coverage of our service in the media and press. Inclusion in this list does not equal endorsement by GIDS of the views expressed by outside contributors.

Meeting the Doctor Who Runs the Only NHS Clinic for Trans Children

It's fair to say Dr Polly Carmichael is one of a broad brush of people you could describe with the accolade "hated by the Daily Mail".

She is the country's leading clinical psychologist in the area of transgender children. Her clinic at the Tavistock and Portman Centre in North London is the only NHS service dealing with gender identity for under-18s. Which means she is, as tabloid scare stories would have you believe, the doctor leading the charge of…

‘It seems so drastic': Transgender children divide viewers with their appearance on This Morning as they bravely open up about knowing they’d been born the wrong gender at the age of two

Two brave children made their first television appearance to open up about their decision to become transgender.

Matt, 12, who was born a female named Matilda, and Ashley, 8, born a male named Aston, were joined by their mothers Rachel and Terri on ITV's This Morning, and quickly divided the opinion of viewers.

While many at home were moved and inspired by their bravery to speak, others suggested the parents had made the wrong decision to allow them to live as the opposite sex at such a young…

Transgender children: the parents and doctors on the frontline

Tim Adams reports on the controversial issues surrounding trans children seeking medical help to avoid puberty

In 1989, when the Gender Identity Development Service (Gids) at London’s Tavistock Clinic opened, it received two referrals in its first year of operation. As Dr Polly Carmichael, current director of the service, observes, it was considered a career-limiting option for a clinical psychologist to specialise in the field of gender identity in young people – there weren’t enough patients. That is not how it has turned out. Last year, 1,400 children under 18 were referred to…