‘It seems so drastic': Transgender children divide viewers with their appearance on This Morning as they bravely open up about knowing they’d been born the wrong gender at the age of two

Two brave children made their first television appearance to open up about their decision to become transgender.

Matt, 12, who was born a female named Matilda, and Ashley, 8, born a male named Aston, were joined by their mothers Rachel and Terri on ITV's This Morning, and quickly divided the opinion of viewers.

While many at home were moved and inspired by their bravery to speak, others suggested the parents had made the wrong decision to allow them to live as the opposite sex at such a young age. 

Ashley happily told Phillip Schofield why she wanted to speak out, maturely explaining: 'I want to help others express what they feel in life. I think they will uinderstand what transgender is all about. You only live once, you are only young once.'


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