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Issues around gender provoke a lot of debate in the news media and online – many different people and groups have different views on almost every aspect of this topic. In our work at the Gender Identity Development Service, we seek to engage with a range of different views about gender and gender identity.

Below we have gathered some writing from people outside GIDS to give you a view of the wide range of opinions and how different people try to understand gender, as well as coverage of our service in the media and press. Inclusion in this list does not equal endorsement by GIDS of the views expressed by outside contributors.

Inside Britain’s only transgender clinic for children

There has been a huge increase in UK children seeking treatment for transgender issues. But critics say it has become a lifestyle choice. Louise France talks to trans kids at the Tavistock and Portman gender identity clinic and discovers the painful decisions they face.

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Non-binary pronouns and what you need to know about the gender politics of ‘they’

An increasing number of non-binary people are using them/they pronouns

If someone's at the door, we ask them what they want. If we're asked where a person is, we say they went that way. We've been using 'they' rather than 'he' or 'she' in speech all our lives. So why when a person identifies as non-binary gendered, meaning that they don’t feel either male or female, and would rather go by ‘they’ than ‘he’ or ‘she’, does this cause us problems? The answer is that it shouldn't.

Tony Thorne, language consultant at King's College London, says this usage is deeply rooted in…

Trans sports clubs: When swimming and playing football are revolutionary acts

All Roberta Francis wanted was a peaceful place to swim. But, writes Kashmira Gander, what she has created has transformed into so much more

It’s a Friday night in Lewisham and ten people have gathered for a weekly swimming club at the inner London borough’s modern leisure centre, an oasis of calm beyond which city life grinds on. Reflections from the red light of the emergency exit sign dance on the water of the dimly lit pool where Roberta Francis, the club’s head honcho, plays catch with another swimmer. Others are reclining at the water’s edge, their eyes closed and legs…