Dr Bernadette Wren

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

GIDS London


Tell us about your role

I’m the Trust Head of Psychology and Consultant Clinical Psychologist, as well as a family therapist. That has meant lots of studying over the years to understand people’s psychological development and to learn how best to work with families who come for support. I’m also Head of Psychology at the Tavistock. 


Where else have you worked besides GIDS?

I used to work at Great Ormond Street hospital with young people with serious problems around eating. And I supported sick children and their families on the cardiac and renal units there.

Here at the Tavistock I was involved with GIDS back in the 1990s when it was a really tiny service. I left to do my clinical work in a more ‘general’ team and to do lots more teaching of therapists and researchers. But I was delighted to return to GIDS in 2011 when the team began to expand.


Do you have any pets?

I have a 15-year-old tabby cat who is beginning to show his age.  He is starting to lose some of his hair. He is also losing battles with neighbourhood cats who are younger and fitter. This is not good for his pride!


Do you have a favourite book or children's book?

When I was young I loved the ‘Famous Five’ books by Enid Blyton because of the wonderful character of George, a girl who refused to be defined by the (very traditional) female stereotypes of the time. 


What is your favourite season?

I love early summer when the days are longest (and when I can cycle to work without getting too cold and wet).