Charlie Beaumont

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

GIDS London


Tell us about your work

As a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, I try to help children and young people make sense of their experiences in the past, present and future. I also work in Islington CAMHS and am Head of psychotherapy. I teach on a variety of courses at the Tavistock, such as working with Adolescents, the emotional factors in learning and teaching and the clinical training for Child Psychotherapists.


What do you see as the most important aspects to the work you do in GIDS?

I think the most important aspect to the work I do at GIDS is helping young people and parents make sense of their feelings about their gender. 


Do you have any special interests within the work you do?

I particularly enjoy working with groups and consulting to professionals.


What advice would you give to someone coming to see you for the first time?

If I was to give advice to someone coming to see me for the first time, I'd say be as honest as possible and tell me how you feel using your own words.


Who do you most admire?

The people I most admire are Thierry Henry and Wilfred Bion.