Dr Domenico DiCeglie

Lifetime Honorary Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

GIDS London

Founder and Former Director Gender Identity Development Service, Tavistock Centre, London.

Honorary Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Psychology, University College London.

Docente,  Scuola di specializzazione in psicologia clinica, Università La Sapienza Roma.

Doctor of Education (Honoris Causa) University of East London.

You founded the Gender Identity Development Service. What gave you the idea to do so?

I was inspired to start the Gender Identity Development Service in 1989 by an encounter with a teenager, who was assigned female at birth, who perceived himself to be male. I saw him for exploratory psychotherapy in the mid-80s following three overdoses. In one of the sessions he wondered why his parents had not understood his situation when he was a child and sought professional help and support. This started my thinking about setting up a specialist service for this group of young people, but at the time I would never have imagined the developments which followed.

What is your favourite season?

My favourite season has always been spring, as it mixes, in the words of T. S. Eliot, “memory and desire”, and this may trigger a creative process.