Dr Emily Doncaster

Clinical Psychologist

GIDS London


You are a clinical psychologist: what does that mean?

As a clinical psychologist, this means that I am used to using talking as a way of helping to explore things and making meaning out of often confusing situations – we don’t give medicine or do any injections ourselves!


What do you enjoy most about working in GIDS?

I really enjoy working with young people and their families, and seeing the range of ways in which young people are expressing their gender identities. I also like working with children and adolescents of all different ages and seeing them develop over time.  


What advice would you give to someone coming to their first appointment?

Advice I'd give to someone coming to their first appointment with me would be to try not to worry about it too much – we expect people to be nervous and understand that it can be intimidating to meet new people and to talk about your experiences. I will aim to ask you if there is anything that you particularly want to talk about in the session and how you have found previous sessions, so there is always chance to shape our discussions and provide feedback.


Do you have any pets?

I have two cats and enjoy boring my colleagues with tales of their antics.