Professor Gary Butler

Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist

Endocrinology clinics


Tell us about your work

I'm a consultant in paediatric and adolescent medicine at UCL Hospital so I look after the medical care of babies, children, teenagers and young adults. I specialise in endocrinology, the body's hormone system.  I also do research into growth and puberty hormones and I am professor in endocrinology at UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health. 


Where have you worked previously?

I trained as a doctor at St Thomas's  Hospital. Then I worked in the Medical Research Council in Edinburgh doing new research on how the body makes puberty happen, and how to help with sex hormones, especially testosterone when that is needed. I wrote several leading papers and my research thesis allowing me to get my medical doctorate MD. After that, I moved to Cardiff where I set up the paediatric endocrinology service for the whole of Wales. As that was a fixed term post I then moved to Leeds where I worked with my colleagues who now run the GIDS endocrinology clinics in Leeds.


What does your job include apart from the GIDS clinics?

I also do a lot of teaching. This includes junior doctors training in paediatric endocrinology and undergraduate students at UCL medical school. I teach in small groups at the bedside on how to examine and look after babies, children and teens, and I also give lectures about growth, puberty, sex and gender development. We have now introduced specific training for all young doctors  in how to look after trans people with any medical problem.