Dr Hannah Waters

Clinical Psychologist

GIDS London

Satellite clinics


What experience did you have before working in GIDS?

Before becoming a clinical psychologist I trained as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.


Do you have any special interests in your work?

I help run our groups for young people and I also organise our South West family day.


Where are you based?

I work at the Tavistock in London and also go to Exeter every month for our outreach clinic. We know people travel long distances to our service so we try hard to do as much outreach as we can.

I always think about how the pressures in society affects our well-being. This means I particularly value the work we do when we go out to schools and other services. I try to help foster an environment of tolerance and open-mindedness, where young people are able to express themselves more freely. Just as important is how I position myself when I meet families. Being respectful of everyone’s viewpoints, curious and compassionate underpins everything I do.


What advice would you have to someone coming to their first appointment with you?

We understand that it can be daunting coming to meet someone new at the best of times. We are likely to ask lots of questions and sometimes people think we are looking for particular answers. We are not! We just want to get to know you and what your hopes are for the future. Please feel confident to ask us questions too. Writing them down before the appointment can help.


What is your favourite animal?

Cats. They make life look easy!