Jen Adams

Trainee Clinical Psychologist


What is your role?

I’m a Trainee Clinical Psychologist and I’m in my final year of training. I chose to come work at GIDS in my final year as I’ve always had an interest in gender and I’m here two (soon to be three) days a week. The rest of the time I’m at university or completing research.


Where else have you worked outside of GIDS?

I’ve worked and volunteered in various areas including with a charitable housing association, a children’s residential home, with children with learning disabilities and with University students with additional educational support needs. During my clinical training I’ve worked with older people in the community, people living with dementia, people living with chronic pain conditions, children in the community and in a specialist psychotherapy service.


What other interests do you have?

Without meaning to sound like too much of a cliché I’m really interested in mindfulness (clinically and personally) and yoga! I also enjoy being outdoors, travelling, bouldering and writing in my spare time.


What’s your favourite book?

My favourite book is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon. I absolutely fell in love with it when I read it the first time and it remains the only book I have ever read more than once!