Dr Jo Charsley

Clinical Psychologist



Tell us about your role..

I am a Clinical Psychologist working full time at the GIDS Leeds base


Where else have your worked?

I have had jobs and placements in many different services including neuropsychology, learning disabilities, child development and mental health services for children, adults and older adults. I have most enjoyed the times when I have worked with young people and their families; which is why I like working here at GIDS.


Do you have any pets?

I have two cats called Maisie and Boo; I got them from a local rescue centre when they were kittens. They have a lot of energy and are a bit of a handful, but they are also very sweet (when they want to be!).


What is your favourite season?

My favourite season is summer. I love being outside when there is a bright blue sky and sunshine – though this doesn’t happen too often in Leeds!