Dr Kirsty Entwistle

Clinical Psychologist


What interested you in working at GIDs?


I’m new to working at GIDS but I’ve been interested in gender for a long time. My undergraduate degree is in Anthropology and gender was a very important theme. As a Clinical Psychologist I work together with young people to make sense of things happening in their lives. Coming to work at GIDs felt like a really good way to bring both of these aspects together.


Where did you work before GIDs?


Before training as a Clinical Psychologist I was a teacher in an independent special school. During Clinical Psychology training I did placements in Adult Mental Health Services as well as Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). Since qualifying as a Clinical Psychologist I have worked with adults who have experienced trauma and I have also worked with children and young people with physical health conditions in a Paediatric Psychology Service.


What interests do you have outside of psychology?


At the moment I’m learning Spanish but finding it really challenging. I also love reading – my favourite writer is Angela Carter. I also like to draw and write short stories.