Laura Salter

Specialist Social Worker

GIDS London

Where have you worked previously?

I have been a social worker and team manager in the NHS for twenty years working in a variety of settings; working with children, adolescents, adults and older adults. I have been lucky to have worked in some great teams and have learnt a lot from the clients that I have seen and my colleagues. I also work as an honorary psychotherapist with adults.

What was it that interested you about working in GIDS?

Having worked alongside young people who were exploring their gender identities I have witnessed  how, at times it was difficult for those young people to find a voice in their families, social networks and communities. In GIDS there is the opportunity for young people to find and / or develop their voice in a supportive environment.

What advice would you have to someone coming to their first appointment with you?

I appreciate that there has been a long journey to get to this appointment and most likely a long wait.  You may have a mixture of emotions and feelings and you will be given the opportunity to explore these at your own pace. Feel free to ask any questions.