Dr Nadia Somers

Clinical Psychologist

GIDS London


Tell us about your role

I am a clinical psychologist, which means I work with young people and adults to help think about and support their well-being, by providing assessments and therapy. I also provide teaching and consultation to other organisations and professionals.

Where are you based?

I work mainly at the Tavistock Centre in London.


Where have you worked previously?
I have worked in a variety of settings including Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in East London, and in adult physical and mental health psychology and neuropsychology. Before I trained as a clinical psychologist I conducted research about women in prison and secure hospitals.

What are your special interests within the work you do?
I am interested in how society and culture influence how individuals think and feel about themselves and the world. I also really like working with families to help them discover the strengths and resilience they have.

What is your favourite book children’s book?
His Dark Materials trilogy - I didn’t put the books down or speak to other people when I started reading them!

What is your favourite season and why?
Spring and Autumn are both my favourite seasons because all the plants burst into life or change their colours.