Nerea Jiménez

Trainee Family Therapist


You’re a Family Therapist Trainee what does this mean?

Family Therapist Trainee. It means that I am studying in order to become a Family Therapist.

Where have you worked previously?

I worked as a research psychologist in a diabetes educational unit in the Salamanca’s hospital, Spain. I also worked as a psychologist in an Association to Help Women in Salamanca, Spain.

And the last year I did my first year training as a family therapist in Acorn Lodge, tier4 CAMHS. An impatient unit for children from 4 to 13 years old.

What was it that interested you about working in GIDS?

I am interested in everything: the team, the way to work, and so on. I am like a child in a new environment.

I did master in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies and since then I have been keen on in everything that gender implies nowadays from a person developmental point of view until our society’s behaviour and the repercussions of it.

What advice would you have to someone coming to their first appointment with you?

Trust in the service and the team who is behind of it. From my experience they are amazing professionals who cares about the people that come to it.

What is your favourite animal? Do you have any pets, and if so what are they?

The dolphin is my favourite! Nowadays I don’t have any pets, but I used to have a lovebird and a turtle.

Which living / dead person do you most admire?

My best friend, she was really sick, and although her illness stopped her from study or do a normal life, she continued fighting until that she reached her dreams.

What is your favourite book and/or children’s book?

My favourite book is Si tú me dices ven lo dejo todo… pero dime ven by Albert Espinosa.