Dr Sabah Alvi

Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist

Endocrinology clinics


Tell us about your role..

I'm a specialist in children's growth and hormone problems. GIDS is only a small, but very important, part of my job.

Most of my other patients have concerns about their growth and puberty, both of which are governed by hormones. Hormone problems can arise through genetic changes, trauma, cancers (eg brain tumours) and are usually treated with hormone replacement. 


Who do you most admire?

The person I most admire is Nelson Mandela, for his fortitude and endless compassion. The ability to forgive after going through the living nightmare that he endured was truly remarkable and should be held up as a shining example to everyone.


What is your favourite season?

My favourite season is Spring, a time for reawakening, rejuvenation, the hope of a new start and the reliability that everything that looked dead or disappeared will actually come back to life and flourish, is amazing.


Do you have any pets?

I have a pet Tabby cat called Mimi, from a pet shelter where she'd been abandoned with her 5 kittens. She was emaciated and wild, but now she's very loving and likes nothing better than to curl up on your lap and sleep!