Sara Kleczewski

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Endocrinology clinics


Tell us about your role..

I work together with the doctors at Univeristy College Hospital (UCLH) in London. As a nurse I’m the young people’s advocate. I will help answering questions and explain about different treatments. Acting as both support and a resource.


Where did you work before?

I’ve been working with children and young people for the last ten years in different settings such as  summer camps, general wards and a daycare unit.


Do you have any pets?

When I was 7 I was given a guinea pig for my birthday. She was called Titti and was really cute and crazy. But now I would really like a dog, especially a cockapoo.


Do you have a favourite musical genre?

There’s so much good music out there and it depends on what mood I’m in. But 60’s rockalways makes me happy.


Do you have a favourite season?

I love the summer but I wouldn’t want to live somewhere where they don’t have seasons. If it was summer all year around I don’t think I would appreciate it as much.