How can I help?

We want to improve our service, and provide useful information for other young people being seen at GIDS, or waiting to be seen.

We want to hear from YOU.

We want to know:

  • How can we improve?
  • Is anything missing from our website?
  • Can you share your story to help other young people?
  • Can you help interview new staff?

We have produced a leaflet that lays out some of the many ways to help us improve GIDS for you and others.

Read or download our 'Help improve GIDS' flyer (PDF, 501Kb)

Tell your story in short films or on our website

We know that young people waiting to be seen at GIDS find it helpful to know about other experiences.

We are making some short films featuring the voices of our service users.

Do you want to help make our short films, or share your story on our website? We will make sure you stay anonymous however you choose to be involved.

To help with the short films or to share your story, call us on 020 8938 2068 or email us at

Read or download a flyer about making short films for the GIDS website.

Join our interview panels

One way to get involved is to become a panel member when we interview potential staff.

You will be invited to a day or half-day of staff interviews at GIDS, and will have a say in who works for us.

We will provide training that gives you an understanding of the recruitment process from start to finish.

Tell us how a candidate comes across, how comfortable you’d feel if they were your clinician, or how well you think they would work with young people.

To join our interview panels, call us on 020 8938 2068 or email us at

Improve our website

We want to hear from you about our website.

Does it have everything you hope to find?

Is anything on the site confusing?

How can we make it more interesting?

To give feedback on our website, call us on 020 8938 2068 or email us at

Join our stakeholders group

The GIDS stakeholders group meets three times a year, usually during half term. Young people from across the service gather and we talk about the different ways that the service can improve.

We might discuss improvements to the website, or what our new short films should cover. We also pay for your travel – it’s a free trip to London!

Find out more on our Stakeholders Group page.