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About our London groups

Our groups for parents and for young people (aged 11+) meet in London on various dates throughout the year at the Tavistock Centre. Both groups aim to provide a place to meet others with similar experiences, to share stories and support each other.

The group is open to young people aged 12-18 years who are currently being seen at the GIDS. We meet once during the winter and spring school holidays, as well as for five consecutive weeks over the summer. The group has been running since 2011 – some people will have already attended the group, while others will be coming along for the first time.

Our group for young people runs during the main school holidays. Our parents’ group usually runs at the same time as the young people’s group. It also meets on some additional dates, as some parents have told us that they find it easier to come outside of the school holidays. See below for upcoming dates.

Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate siblings in either group. If you are bringing other children with you, please make sure another adult accompanies you to look after them outside of the groups. However, siblings are welcome at our Family Days.

On the day, please come to the main reception on the ground floor at the Tavistock Centre and we will find you when it is time to start. Please arrive just a couple of minutes early – if there is a large crowd it can be difficult for other people who are using the building to get through.

Please contact us to let us know if you plan to attend, so that we have a rough idea of the numbers we’re expecting.

Parents’ group in London

Our parents’ group meets regularly throughout the year.

Please note: due to Covid-19, these groups are currently paused.

Our parent’s group group is open to all parents whose child or teenager is currently being seen at the GIDS. The group has been running since 2011 so some people will have already attended the group, while others will be coming along for the first time.

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