Media enquiries

Topics related to gender identity - and issues that are relevant to many trans people's lives - have thankfully been receiving greater attention in the UK in recent years. This includes increasing interest in our service and what we do.

We welcome media enquiries about our work. Please contact our Trust’s dedicated press office who will be happy to help.

GIDS update – February 2020

The Trust is proud of its Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), which for 30 years has been providing support to children and young people experiencing difficulties around their gender identity development. We are now facing an application for judicial review into the use of puberty blocking drugs and cross sex hormones for under-18s. On Monday 3 February, we submitted our response, or ‘summary grounds of resistance’, to this application in the High Court. The next step in the process is for a judge to decide whether there are arguable grounds to initiate a judicial review.

Young people experiencing difficulties around gender identity development require a thoughtful service, which offers them the space, tools and time to explore their feelings, and explores with them the options for further support or treatment, including, where appropriate, the possibility of access to pubertal suppression. In the last few weeks we have heard from many who have experienced our service and said that access to physical interventions was a vital part of their journey. We are grateful for your contributions and heartened to hear how well you are doing. We would like to express deep thanks to everyone who has reached out to us, to offer support for the young people we see in GIDS and for the service.

Of course, we recognise that supporting young people who experience distress around their gender identity is an area of clinical practice that warrants regular review by relevant experts. As such, we welcome NHS England’s scheduled review of the specification to which we work, and the opportunity to think with others as to how to continually improve on the care we provide. It is vital that any interventions we offer are based on the latest evidence and sanctioned at the highest levels by those most knowledgeable, both experts in their clinical and medical specialities and experts by experience. You can read more about the scheduled review on the NHS England website.

Flood at the Tavistock Centre – Sunday 28 July 2019

Our main clinic, the Tavistock Centre, experienced a flood which affected our IT infrastructure on Sunday 28 July. Our email servers were affected, among other systems.

Our IT team has been working on the issue and most systems are now back online, but there is a possibility of further disruption. If you did not receive a reply to an email over the course of the weekend, and your request is urgent, please call 020 7435 7111.

Mermaids data breach

It has come to our attention that Mermaids was apparently responsible for a serious data breach in which 450 email chains from 2016 and 2017 were shared. We understand these included information relating to families supported by the charity. Mermaids has posted a statement on their website, apologising for the breach and stating they have been working with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

If you have been affected and are distressed by this, or have concerns that you would like to raise with our service, please do get in touch. To be clear, this breach has nothing to do with the Gender Identity Development Service. We have never shared patient information with Mermaids.