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Successful appeal in GIDS Judicial Review

This afternoon, the Court of Appeal’s ruling in relation to the Trust’s appeal on the GIDS Judicial Review has been made public. You can read it in full on the Judiciary website.

The appeal was heard in June by some of the most senior judges in the country. We are pleased that the Trust’s appeal has been granted in full.

We welcome the judgment on behalf of the young people who require the GIDS service and our dedicated staff. The judgment upholds established legal principles which respect the ability of our clinicians to engage actively and thoughtfully with our patients in decisions about their care and futures. It affirms that it is for doctors, not judges, to decide on the capacity of under-16s to consent to medical treatment.

This has been a fundamental part of the legal basis for health services for young people in this country and it is very significant that it has been reinforced so strongly in this judgment.

We continue to recognise the complex and often contentious nature of this area of work. The Trust remains committed to working with our commissioners and partners to strengthen both the quality of care and decision making for our patients and the evidence base in this developing area of care. We will also participate actively in wider work to develop the care pathway for young people experiencing difficulties with gender identity.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our colleagues for all the work they have done to support patients and improve our service and the commitment they have shown during this period of uncertainty. 

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