Soup group – our London stakeholder group

The Stakeholders Group is a fun and active group made up of young people who attend our service and who have usually been to one of the young persons’ groups. The other name for the Stakeholders Group is the Soup Group, following a story told in our first group about the way a tasty and fulfilling soup can be created through the different contributions of many: our aim is to be productive through the joint contributions and actions.

Young people attending the Soup Group work with the staff to improve the experiences of those who use our service, as well as to increase awareness of gender issues in young people by a wider community of professionals and members of the public.

The group meets at least three times a year, usually during the half-term holidays, at the Tavistock Centre in London.

If you are interested in joining the Soup Group, please contact us to find out more.

Next Soup Group meeting

The next London Soup Group will be taking place on Tuesday 29 October 2019 from 2pm to 3.30pm.

What has the group done so far?

Since the group’s beginnings in 2014 we have:

  • Included young people from the Soup Group in the recruitment of new staff in the service, particularly on interview panels once they have had some training and preparation for this.
  • Influenced the development of our website, including the service’s branding and the website’s functions and content.
  • Met with the Producers and Director from Century Films to advise on the content and processes around their filming of the service.
  • Met with the Trust’s communications team to advise on key messages about the service and people’s experiences of gender diversity.
  • Included young people in media requests and internal and external communications opportunities, having first provided training and support.
  • Met with and encouraged various researchers on how to establish new projects around young people’s experiences of gender diversity as well as how to boost the recruitment of participants to existing projects.
  • Provided feedback to the Trust’s Equalities Committee on how to gather information on gender identity and how best to phrase questions for service users

We have also supported the GIDS to: 

  • Tailor messages to different groups (e.g. professionals in different contexts, members of the public and young people) when delivering CPD events or communicating with them; 
  • Identify relevant themes for the Young Persons’ Groups;
  • Consider key issues relevant to the development of the new service specifications.