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Team GIDS: our stakeholder group

Team GIDS is made up of young people, their parents and carers who are currently accessing the service or who have accessed GIDS in the past. These stakeholders form the GIDS Group of Experts by Experience who work along GIDS Clinicians and staff (who facilitate and run the group) to form Team GIDS.

What does Team GIDS do?

Team GIDS is all about participation and promoting the voice of people who use this service.

Our meetings are a space to feedback on issues that are presented by professionals ranging from researchers, commissioners and those working to develop services to support gender diverse young people. You’ll discuss with other stakeholders about your thoughts on the questions and issues raised.

Your ideas are then taken on board by the presenters who go away and develop their projects based on your responses. Alongside our monthly stakeholder meetings there are also opportunities to take part in delivering training to clinicians at GIDS and presenting at conferences.

Team GIDS operates separately from the clinical care that young people and families receive. The meetings are not about your (or your child’s) clinical care, but they are about using your experiences of accessing care to inform how things could be done better.

Why this is important?

Young people, parents and their carers are the ones who use the service so your voice and ensuring this is heard is really important. Taking part in this group supports other gender-diverse young people and their families as they navigate their journey through gender services. Your lived experience has the power to make changes to how we run our services, now and in the future.

When, where and how?

We meet on Monday evenings, roughly monthly, from 5-6:30pm over zoom. You can participate in whatever way you feel most comfortable – with your camera on or off, speaking or not, using the chat function or not. You can share your views over email if that is easier if you cannot attend over zoom. We send out the agenda and any reading materials ahead of time.

Our meetings are usually so full of topics that we don’t have a scheduled break, but you’re welcome to take a break whenever you like. You are also welcome to read the minutes afterwards and get in touch via email with any further thoughts or comments.

We want to make sure we are thoughtful to individual circumstances that would people to participate and share their views with GIDS PPI – so please get in touch if you there’s anything we can do to make sure this can happen.

We make sure people are paid for their time and sharing their valuable experiences. At the end of your first meeting, you’ll be sent a short form requesting your bank details and asking permission to pay you. Then after each meeting you’ll be emailed to confirm your bank details and that you’d like to be paid and the payment will be sent by BACS transfer.

Changes to gender services for children and young people

You will be aware that gender services for children and young people are changing.

Team GIDS currently remains focused on the service that GIDS provides, while also staying engaged with proposed changes, providing feedback, and engaging with NHS England and the Cass Review. We are keen to ensure that experts by experience remain at the heart of new services and will let you know about any opportunities to support new services.

Joining Team GIDS

If you wish to Join Team GIDS, please contact gidsppi@tavi-port.nhs.uk

Look forward to seeing and hearing from you!


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