Hannah’s story

“Be patient. No-one’s transition happens overnight. The influencers and actors that you might see online – it has taken them years. It’s hard to compare yourself to them, to think ‘Maybe I won’t pass for five years.’ You need to stick with the journey, instead of focussing on the end-point. Make every day a little bit better, by not comparing yourself, having that patience and believing in the process.”

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Alfie’s story

“…as trans guys we are expected to follow this cookie-cutter mould for transition of testosterone, surgery, and then boom! you’re a Real Man. But I realised that this is complete nonsense and a very unhealthy mindset for young trans teens to be indoctrinated with…”

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Mack’s Story

“That year of being hormone-free made me see A LOT of things much more clearly.”

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Luke’s Story

“I’d inclined towards having children for a while, and when I heard how egg-freezing could allow me to start testosterone without losing that hope, I researched it. After all, IVF is a very expensive process that involves taking the same drugs as cisgender women to boost fertility, so I wanted to be sure that I was fully aware of what the process would entail, should I decide to proceed with it.”

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Jonah’s Story

“Forcing yourself into a traditionally masculine role for the sake of passing can sometimes be just as constricting as dysphoria itself.”

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Matt’s Story

“It felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I finally talked to someone who understood what I was going though.”

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Adrienne’s Story

“In a way, I got exactly what everyone hopes for out of the Gender Identity Service – to find the you that fits you.”

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CJ’s story

“Don’t give up, you’ll get there in the end and you’ll grow up to be the man you always knew you were and wanted to be.”

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“Pathways in life change.”

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Robin’s Story

I would say that things do get better with time and to never give up.”

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